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India's National Education status from ASER Report 2018:

The ASER stands for Annual Status of Education Report.This ASER 2018 report is published on January 15th 2019.ASER 2018 is the thirteenth ASER report. The report was first published in the year 2005.The Annual Status of Education, ASER report is prepared by the NGO Pratham which measures the school learning outcomes in India .Some facts of survey:The report was based on an annual household survey which covered whopping 5.46 lakh children in 596 rural districts across the country.ASER 2018 is a nation-wide household survey that provides a snapshot of children’s schooling and learning for a representative sample of children across rural India. Children in the age group 3 to 16 are surveyed to find out their enrollment status inschool or pre-school. Children in the age group 5 to 16 are assessed one-on-one to understand their basic reading and arithmetic abilities.ASER continues to be the only national source of information about children’s foundational skills across India.Fewfindings of…
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Children need opportunities to practice skills which they need very much in adulthood:

- Many parents visit preschools and share their strong academic performance expectations for their lil lil little children.- They feel that in technology driven world their child should start academic reading, writing very much sooner. And few teachers also share the same thought."How many letters can Riyan recognise?""Can Sam identify all the numbers in the table." "Can Ramesh write the paragraph in cursive writing book."- 'Our fast-paced society may give you the impression that your child needs to learn more academic skills—and sooner than ever before. However, the reality is that the "soft" social skills they gain in early childhood—through the slow, simple processes of playing and interacting, engaging with their families, and paying attention to the world around them—will serve them much better and for much longer'.- The softy softy people skills are crucial, as we will not let go of people however technological advance we might bec…

Sarang- An alternative school Journey @ India

A couple who leaned towards alternative education started a Journey with ‘Sarang’ alternative school initiative. As government school teachers, they were themselves disillusioned with the limitations of formal education. And what next, They quit the job to fulfill Sarang dream.

They dreamt of a school environment that is close to reality- open, democratic and with fluid boundaries.

The kids at Sarang introduced to each other not as classmates, but as brothers and sisters.
What do they learn with?- A barren land.
How big is the classroom/learning Lab?- Its onnnnlllyyy, 12 Acres.
Where it is located?- Attappady, near Palakkad, Kerala, India.

At this alternative learning area, ‘There were very few trees, and the only water source had dried out completely. But this would be a perfect place for the children to learn about life and survival’.
Where is my food?- All vegetables, fruits, and grains that were needed for Sarang was grown right there on the land using natural farming methods. 
What will…

I see the so called punishments from my beloved teachers as great learning in life:

Today when I look back at what I learned during my formidable days of schooling, I see the so called punishments from my be loved teachers as great learning in life, for example :

1. Stand up on the bench - Take a holistic view, look at the big picture
2. Stand with hands up - Aim high, reach higher
3. Stand facing the wall - Introspection
4. Stand outside the class - Learn through observation, take a world view
5. Kneel down - Humility
6. Murga Bano - Physical endurance
7. Clean the blackboard - Forget and forgive, start with a fresh slate
8. Finger on your lips - boast less
9. Hold your ears - listen more
10. Touch your toes - Be flexible
11. Write down a line 25 times - work towards perfection
12. Detained after school - Dont join the rat exclusive.

Perspective matters..

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The Madras High Court recently cautioned that teachers cannot be blamed for student suicides:

*The Madras High Court recently cautioned that teachers cannot be blamed for student suicides merely on account of disciplinary acts carried out by them in good faith*. To this end, Justice RMT Teekhaa Raman has observed,

"... it is seen that, when teachers, in the interest of the institution, school/college, to correct any mistake done by the students in order to cultivate good habits and get rid of bad habits, such as stealing money, the accused being teachers on their school have scolded for stealing money and such act of the accused/teachers cannot be said to amount to abetment of suicide..."

The Court noted went on to note that there has been a rise in similar cases where teachers are being blamed for student suicides.

"In another case, it seems that the student has taken extreme decision to put an end to his life by committing suicide by hanging, as he has obtained less marks in Mathematics which resulted in, the concerned Lecturer was arrayed as an accused. In y…

PREKINDERS: Resources for Pre-K Teachers:

This site which credence is spreading the word is dedicated to sharing ideas and resources to help you teach Pre-K children.PREKINDERS BELIEVRS IN HANDS-ON, ACTIVE, & PLAYFUL LEARNING TO INSPIRE YOUNG MINDS.Preschool kids can play and have fun while learning the skills they need.You will find hundreds of classroom tested lessons and ideas to teach Pre-K: everything you need from math to literacy, fine motor to classroom management. Whether you are a teacher, parent, librarian, or anyone who wishes to teach early learners, you are welcome to PREKINDERS!They are Serving Pre-K teachers, parents, & kids worldwide since 2000.Click to open!
https://www.prekinders.comNote: CLF has no connection with PREKINDERS, we have provided the link as an educational resource.

Limitless Learners Contest! (For US students only)

Hello Credence Learning Foundation blog Readers,(Update on student competition for USA students only).As some of you are aware that spreads the word of few of their initiatives through our blog. This year, they are proud to offer $9,000 in prizes as part of their Limitless Learners Contest! We’d love to share this amazing opportunity with you, our readers, and the talented children in your community.The contest encourages kids in/entering K-5th grade to think creatively about what education means to them and use their art, writing, and language skills to express their ideas. A winner will be chosen from each grade level to receive $500 for college and a free lifetime membership to for their parent or educator! The winning child can choose to nominate their school or local library to win a $1,000 donation as well.We’d love it if one of our readers' kids were the recipient of this prize. To help spread the word, would you please share this contest wit…