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A complete career selection details:

 - This document has all the college courses based on department/trades.  The all India colleges ranking is also detailed. Few scholarship details (organizations offering scholarship) are also provided. Click to view the details: Source: received through WhatsApp message 
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Azim Premji University is inviting applications for first round of Admissions for Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes 2023:

 - Azim Premji University is inviting applications for first round of Admissions for Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes 2023. (Those completing their Class 12 / Graduation in 2023 can also apply) *Necessary registration links are provided at the end of the message* *Undergraduate Programmes*  > 4-year BA Honours (Economics | English | History | Philosophy | Social Science)  > 4-year BSc Honours (Biology | Chemistry | Environmental Science and Sustainability | Mathematics | Physics) > 4-year B.Sc.B.Ed- (Biology | Chemistry | Physics | Mathematics) & Education) *Postgraduate Programmes*  > MA Education > MA Development  > LLM in Law and Development.  *Timelines* Selection process includes a written test and interviews for shortlisted candidates.  *Last date to apply for Round-1 is 24th November*, National entrance test on 24th December. _Personal interviews will be held in Jan-Feb 2023_ Classes commencing in July 2023 (Note: The Round-2 selection process will

Understanding Assessment and Evaluation at classroom:

 - The purpose of a teacher and education system is to, 'motivate the weak, to address the average, and challenge the gifted'. Every teacher and parent has to continuosly understand the child's holistic development and performance at school and at home, that's where assessment is a useful thing. Currently there is very less awareness of assessment method, and most of them are  using evaluation method at school/classroom. What is assessment? Assessment can be defined as, a methodical way of acquiring, reviewing and using information about someone or something, so as to make improvement where necessary. And evaluation is derived from the word ‘value’ which refers to ‘usefulness of something’. Therefore, evaluation is an examination of something to measure its utility. Currently many schools are using evaluation method without giving much importance to assessment method. Below we are discussing about the basic difference between assessment and evaluation: The basic

It's the time for us to rethink education:

-  All the trees are of same height. All the cars going at a time at a speed of 80 kms/hr. All the students eating same quantity of food at a given time. All the fishes are of same length and weight. All the students wearing sweater on a given day. All the trees' leafs are of green colour. All the mangoes are of same taste. All the clothes are of white colour. The entire earth's soil is of same quality. All the rocks are of black colour. All the lights are yellow colour. The entire water is sugar. All the chalks are white. If all the above is not possible, similarly below is also not appropriate. All the students getting 1st rank. All the students enjoying all subjects. All the students learning things at same pace. All the students learning through same teaching style. All the students showing same interest at a given time. All the students becoming high level intellectuals.  We can't expect students to perform at a same level, as their IQ, Genetics, Environment, etc also

Lessor know facts about India during Mughal rule:

-  By the 1700 CE, the GDP of Mughal India had risen to 24 per cent of the world economy, the largest in the world. - Till 1750, India produced about 25 per cent of the world's industrial output, and key industries included textiles, shipbuilding, and steel. - Mughals built an extensive road system, which was vital to the economic infrastructure. The Mughals set up a public works department which designed, constructed and maintained roads linking towns and cities across the empire, making trade easier to conduct. - India's economy was apparently better than that of the entire Europe. And all of that happened during the Mughal rule in India. - When it came to coin designs and minting techniques, Mughal coinage showed originality and innovative skills. - The Mughal rulers introduced agrarian reforms and funded the building of irrigation systems across the empire, which produced much higher crop yields and increased the net revenue base, leading to increased agricultural productio

Once my Dad took a glance of my school marks card:

 If you are a Parent... Please don't ever make your Child feel depressed like this.  During my School Days, I came home with the Mark Sheet showing 90 marks scored by me in an exam, hoping to get compliments from my Dad.  However, once my Dad took a glance of it, he said I added the 0 on the Mark Sheet to make it 90 and beat me a lot.  I told him honestly that I didn't add the 0 but he wouldn't believe me.  I felt so depressed that my Dad did not believe me that I did not add the 0 .... and till date don't know why my Dad kept saying I added the 0. Actually I added the 9! 😂 Source: received through WhatsApp message

Why it’s important for parents to give time to their teenage children:

-   Parents and children share unconditional care and support with each other. This is a natural god-created relationship. Parents and children both have expectations from each other, in terms of communication, discipline, care and helping hand.   A teenager is a growing child which is the age category between 13 to 18 years . Adolescence is usually associated with the teenage years.   It is important to remember that teenagers are just like you and me. They want to know what they want, they want to know what they are doing, and they want to be able to take decisions on their own terms. They are not an exception to the rule; there is no reason why they should not have the same rights as you or me. But there might be a few things in which children should take approval from parents, otherwise they might take an unsafe decision.   Parents should not be stressed out during parenting:   It is important that parents give their children the time and attention they need. Res